Mr. Isaac Nketsiah

Mr. Isaac Nketsiah

Mr. Isaac Nketsiah Serves on Ghana Data Quality Assurance Framework (DQAF) Multi-Stakeholder Drafting Team

Mr. Isaac Nketsiah of the Directorate of Research, Innovation and Consultancy (DRIC) has been nominated to serve on a 10-member multi-stakeholder drafting team developing the Ghana Data Quality Assurance Framework (DQAF). Other members of the drafting team are from the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), the Private Enterprise Federation (PEF), Ministry of Health (MoH), Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER), Ministry of Education (MoE), Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana), Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) and CARE International, Ghana.  

About DQAF

The DQAF is a unified framework that will guide all stakeholders within the data ecosystem in the production of quality data to meet user needs. The availability and implementation of a DQAF will promote transparency of information and methods for statistics production, enhance the quality and interoperability of data, build trust, and facilitate the exchange of data between and among government institutions, civil society, private sector data producers, academic institutions and development partners. This will further enhance Ghana’s ability to adequately respond to the Sustainable Development Goals data needs. 

Profile of Mr. Nketsiah

Mr. Nketsiah is a social scientist with a strong background in accounting and finance. He is an investment advisor, grant-research proposal and business plan writing expert. His interest includes research administration, entrepreneurial finance, SMEs financial management and Intellectual Property issues. He is a result-oriented individual who has passion for excellence. He holds a Master of Commerce (MCom) in Finance and Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com-Accounting) degrees from the University of Cape Coast; a certificate in Result-based Project Management: Monitoring and Evaluation from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg; a Certificate in Innovation and Information Technology Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and a Certificate in General Course on Intellectual Property from World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), Geneva.

Mr. Nketsiah has over ten (10) years administrative, research and project management experience with the Centre for Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation (CePME), Syntek Global and the Directorate of Research, Innovation and Consultancy of the University of Cape Coast. Mr. Nketsiah is the Account Administrator for the university's plagiarism software-'Turnitin'. He is also a Part-time Lecturer of Accounting and Finance at the Institute of Distance and e-Learning (IDeL), University of Education, Winneba, Ghana.

Mr. Nketsiah has been a Consultant for Ghana Rubber Estate (GREL), Rainforest Alliance (RA), GIZ, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Global Brigades Organisation (GBO-Ghana) and the Ghana Employers Association (GEA). He has actively collaborated with other consultants to write and implement a number of research projects. Mr. Nketsiah has the knowledge and experience in quantitative and qualitative data collection methods including survey design and data analysis. He is a data management and analysis expert and very competent in the use of data analysis software such as SPSS, MINITAB. EXCEL and E-VIEWS. He has 16 publications in the form of a book, journal articles (5) and technical reports (10) to his credit.

Mr. Nketsiah has attended more than 40 international and national conferences, seminars and workshops where he has played key roles as a Facilitator, Presenter, Coordinator, Rapporteur or Participant. Professionally, Mr. Nketsiah is a member of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) and recently appointed to serve as a team member drafting the Ghana Data Quality Assurance Framework (DQAF).